Saturday, 14 August 2010

FACTUAL REVIEW: By the Sword - Richard Cohen

Release Date: 04/08/10


The art and science of sword fighting goes back almost to the dawn of civilization and has been an obsession for much of mankind throughout recorded history. From the Roman arena to feudal Japan and from the duellists of Europe to the development of modern-day Olympic fencing, Richard Cohen traces the course of swordsmanship with wit and erudition in a fascinating and wonderfully discursive account. Packed with anecdote, superbly written and built on a solid foundation of historical research, this is a tribute to a deadly but beautiful skill, the mastery of which for centuries defined a man.


As a huge fan of fantasy I’ve always been fascinated with the whole sword play angle, be it the old fashioned hack and slash or the more refined duelling. Within this offering you get a history of sword work by a well known and talented swordmaster. Beautifully written with some of the authors personal anecdotes make this offering one of the best titles I’ve read about the development on this subject. Definitely a book that I’m going to have “borrowed” by my Dad who’s just as crazy as I am.

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