Tuesday, 3 August 2010

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Fantasy: Grimblades - Nick Kyme


When orcs and goblins invade the Empire, the Emperor Dieter IV does nothing. While the other elector counts bicker, Prince Wilhelm is left to defend the Reikland alone. The Grimblades are among his brave army that opposes the greenskins. Amidst desperate war across the Empire and a plot to kill the prince, can the Grimblades survive the orc invasion and be victorious?


As a huge fan of the Warhammer novels its always great to get some of the tales about the Heroes of certain battles be they the good guys or the villains. Within this offering we get a tale set around the Goblinoid Invasion of Grom the Paunch which as a huge fan of the Greenskin’s really made my day.

Alas the tale really didn’t hit the spot in my opinion. I really didn’t get a real grip on the principle unit mentioned within this offering (the Grimblades) and it felt that it wasn’t as fully rounded or as polished as it could have been. The characters didn’t give me a firm team to route for, the battle sequences pretty standard and to be honest the whole thing could have been a massive adrenaline injection so that there were no real lulls or peaks to help the tale move along. It’s a great shame that Nick’s usual talent didn’t shine through but I do wonder if he’d bitten off a little more than this one title could have chewed.

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