Monday, 9 August 2010

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: A Wild Light - Marjorie M Liu


Maxine finds herself covered in blood and crouched beside Jack's dead body, with no memory of what happened. Grief-stricken, Maxine isn't sure what to believe - or who to blame. Then an Avatar bounty hunter comes through the veil into our world, investigating a death of his own. Completely ruthless and subservient to those who bred him, his mission is to find Jack - dead or alive. Racing to stop the hunter, Maxine must also deal with the blood on her hands. But the answers she uncovers will be devastating, and the earth's salvation won't wait.


The third instalment for Majorie and one that challenges our lead heroine. It’s got intrigue, its got some politics and above all else it has left our heroine wondering who she can trust in a situation that she’s going to have to work pretty hard to get out of. It’s gripping, it’s definitely got some moxy and above all else it’s a title that leaves the author a whole range of area’s to explore if she revisits the world. It’s definitely an adventure, it’s definitely a tale that the reader will love, and whilst I missed the second part I wasn’t left feeling out in the cold as far as the characters were concerned. A great sign but if you’ve not read at least the first part, put this title down and explore the shelves as otherwise spoilers may well prevent you from enjoying the other titles.

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