Sunday, 9 October 2011


Release Date: 06/10/11


Joe Clayton thought the dangers of his undercover career were behind him. He was wrong. One grey October morning, while working in a quiet Bristol street, he hears the voice of the man who has sworn to destroy him. Minutes later Joe is running for his life again.

Desperate for sanctuary, he heads for the small Cornish town of Trelennan, and the home of Diana Bamber, widow of a former police colleague. But Diana reacts strangely to his arrival, and gradually Joe discovers that Trelennan is far from the idyllic, law-abiding resort it claims to be.

The town is in the grip of one man. Leon Race doesn’t welcome strangers, especially ex-cops who start asking questions about missing women. Soon Joe is caught up in another undercover role, but as he penetrates the web of secrets that ensnares the town’s elite, his own secret is at risk of discovery. And all the time his old enemy is circling ...


If you love a gritty UK based drama then this book is an absolute must read as Ex-Copper Joe Clayton has a close call and goes on the run for his life. It’s cleverly constructed, beautifully thought out and with a main character that the reader can’t help but associate with, it’s a book that really was hard to put down.

Add to this a wonderfully woven story, with a tapestry of deceit, shame as well as crime within a small community, it takes a special kind of “sheriff” to come into town to get to the root of the problem whilst worrying about his own survival from the gang that refuse to let him go. Finally add to this great pace and some clever twists which overall made this title a real joy before bed. Just expect a late night or two.

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