Tuesday, 18 October 2011

THRILLER REVIEW: The Dead Sea Deception - Adam Blake

Release Date: 18/08/11


Hidden in the dead sea scrolls - the secret of how Christ really died As ex-mercenary Leo Tillman and ambitious cop Heather Kennedy investigate a series of baffling deaths, the trail leads them to the Dead Sea Scrolls - and the deadly gospel hidden within them. But soon Tillman and Kennedy are running for their lives from a band of sinister assassins who weep tears of blood and believe themselves descended from Judas. These ‘fallen angels’ will stop at nothing to expose the world-changing secret of the Scrolls . . . the secret of who really died on Christ’s cross.Rocketing from a spectacular plane crash in the American desert to a brutal murder at a London university to a phantom city in Mexico, The Dead Sea Deception is the most gripping, revelatory thriller since The Da Vinci Code.


Thrillers either take one of two routes these days, a fast action packed modern type tale or one where an ancient society is hidden behind a veil that few know exist. The later is the route that Adam Blake takes and whilst the genre is pretty full of this type of tale, the author takes a different take and gives the reader what they want with breakneck speed, top notch pace and of course a whole set of problems with a likeable character to solve all issues concerned.

It’s cleverly designed, has a decent overall arc and also gives the reader the story that they crave. All in, a decent offering and one that fulfilled my requirements.

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