Thursday, 20 October 2011

FANTASY GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: Orcs: Forged for War - Stan Nicholls, Joe Flood

Release Date: 21/10/11


This is the first graphic novel in Stan Nicholls' beloved Orcs universe. The fantasy landscape in this world is brutal and unforgiving, and populated by a race of unlikely protagonists: the powerful and violent warriors, orcs. Orcs: Forged For War is an original story-a new entry in this series, not an adaptation of old material. It follows a ruthless and deadly cohort of warrior orcs as they fight their way free of the dominion of an evil human enchantress. Orcs presents the world of its ogrish protagonists with technicolor violence and unexpected sympathy.


If you haven’t already read Stan’s Orc’s novels then you’re missing a treat as the badly misunderstood race, stand on their own and take the lumps as they fight for their mistress with their own code of honour. As with the series it captures the world wonderfully, has some great characters and of course has something for everyone as the sneaky backstabbing gits of gobbos, do their best to do in the Wolverines.

Finally add to this the wonderful art of Joe Flood that gives moving images, character and action which leaves the reader in no doubt that this title will club its way to the top. Great stuff.

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