Sunday, 16 October 2011

CUISINE REVIEW: The Busy Mum's Cookbook - Mary Gwynn

Release Date: 18/08/11


Provide food for breakfast, fill the children's lunchboxes, stock the fridge with after-school snacks, cook everyone's supper day in, day out...every week. Weekends mean more shopping, cooking, baking - and there are always teenagers, hungry partners and friends who might want a snack. Ready-meals, takeaways and fast food are fine on the odd occasion, but especially in these purse-stretched times families need tasty and healthy meals. In this practical cookbook, Mary Gwynn shows the working mum what foods to buy that will last the week and how to have delicious, easy-to-make and nutritious meals ready in a trice with no wastage.


As many people know, there’s never enough time in the day, so finding ways to either create a meal for hungry children or something a little more extravagant for a forgotten dinner party at what feels like light speed is a challenge fit for a super chef.

Yet it’s these little problems that cause havoc in the average person’s day to day as well as trying to find ways to cope. What this title by Mary provides is a book that has lots of quick easy meals that can be rustled up in minutes as well as a helpful guide as to some key ingredients to keep in stock in the cupboards that won’t rush you an absolute king’s ransom. The book is easy to use, fun to flick through and there will be some ideas about some interesting pairings such as cauliflower and macaroni cheese (I’ve often made them as separate side accompaniments but never thought to put both into the same dish.)

Add to this, different quick courses so that you can literally throw a party within an hour (provided you have all the ingredients) and it’s not only a time but also a life saver. Finally throw into this some family favourites (such as drop scones) and it’s a book that will impress as well as satisfy everyone on a budget.

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