Sunday, 2 October 2011

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Redlaw - James Lovegrove

Release Date: 01/10/11


They live among us, abhorred, marginalised, despised. They are vampires, known politely as strigoi. The job of policing their community falls to the men and women of the Strigoian Control And Liaison Executive - SCALE. Captain John Redlaw is London's most feared and respected SCALE officer.

But when the vampires start rioting within their ghettoes, and angry humans respond with violence of their own, even Redlaw may not be able to keep the peace. Especially when political forces are aligning to introduce a radical answer to the strigoi problem, one that will resolve the situation once and for all...


If you love an Urban Fantasy story that is gripping, has vampires and shows the dark seedy underbelly of double dealing, murder alongside profiteering through manipulation from a man who holds the cards then you really have to read this book by James Lovegrove. It has a great lead character whose no nonsense, by the book honourable attitude is tested to the limits as he lives his life by an iron code where everything is black and white, finds his beliefs as well as limits tested to the max both spiritually as well as physically.

Add to this some marvellous sleight of hand twists, some cracking prose and of course a typical Lovegrove tale that is unlike anything else that’s gone before. All in, this is definitely a title to savour and one that is worth persevering through the first few chapters so that you get the full blooded feel of this new all too easy to imagine world of a London that many could see coming to pass. Great stuff.

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Angela Addams said...

This sounds very dark...I'm going to look for it...