Thursday, 6 October 2011

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Star Wars: Riptide - Paul S Kemp

Release Date: 06/10/11


Anyone can escape danger. No one can escape the truth.

When a ship full of Sith warriors arrived in Galactic Alliance space, the fight to destroy it accidentally uncovered a hidden menace: a long-hidden group of clones, secretly created as insidious weapons capable of wielding the Force and heedless of the differences between light side and dark side. Now the clones have escaped—and evidence suggests that they are flawed by genetic disease and violent madness.

Jedi Knight Jaden Korr pursues the clones, hoping to heal them but prepared to destroy them. What he doesn’t know is that Sith agents are hot on his heels, determined not only to recover the clones for their Master but to capture Jaden for their own dark-side purposes. In a life-or-death battle, Jaden will confront a shocking reality that will rock him to his core and bring him face-to-face with the question of what makes a man . . . and a Jedi.


This title is actually quite short for a Star Wars story and whilst interesting, I felt that the author really didn’t develop the themes within either far enough or with enough plausibility to keep it riveting from start to finish as it felt a little too predictable and linear. That said it was a fun excursion into the Star Wars Universe but against other recent titles it more than fell a little flat for me leaving me to wonder how many more tales will be available without rapidly repeating already well-established conventions within the genre to mirror to the exclusion of freshness. A great shame.

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