Thursday, 13 October 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Fantasy: Grey Seer Thanquol and Boneripper 3: Thanquol's Doom - CL Werner

Release Date: 13/10/11


Upon his return to the Old World, the ambitious Grey Seer Thanquol is coerced into leading an army against the dwarfs of Karak Angkul. Renowned for its engineer clans, this city will not fall easily, but the true object of Thanquol’s fascination is their secret artefact of incredible power which he believes will assure his ascension to the Council of Thirteen. His efforts are thrown into disarray when the infamous skaven Ikit Claw usurps control of the army for his own nefarious schemes, and so Thanquol must act quickly before the warlock can unleash his ultimate weapon – the Doomsphere.


Everyone’s favourite squeaky horned rat follower returns in this, his latest adventure as he troubles the great equation of the Slann with his own self-serving ways. As usual with Clint’s writing there is action a plenty, some great one lines from Thanquol and Warhammer's most positive spin sorcerer takes things to a new level of deceit.

Add to this the authors own dark humour, some sneaky tactics and double dealing as the tale literally unravels and the reader is in for another cracking story especially when you add the dwarves to the mix as Thanquol manipulates as well as causes a lot of sorcerous damage. Great fun all round.

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