Wednesday, 26 October 2011

TV TIE IN TRAVEL BOOK: Billy Connolly's Route 66 - Billy Connolly

Release Date: 15/09/11


The best-loved comedian in Britain hits the most famous highway in the world on an unforgettable journey.Billy Connolly, music-lover, biker, and scourge of the beige and bland the world over, has dreamed about taking a trip on the legendary Route 66 since he first heard Chuck Berry belting out one of the greatest rock 'n' roll records of all time. And now he's finally had the chance to do it, heading out on his custom-made trike in search of the real America that can still be found beyond the nation's freeways. Travelling every one of its 2,278 miles from the skyscrapers of Chicago to Santa Monica Pier in California, Billy's journey takes him past many of the essential icons of the United States: the Gateway Arch in St Louis, Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon, and the funky neon-lit gas stations and diners that once lined the route. But it also gives him the chance to get to know the people who call it home, from Mervin the Amish carpenter, to fellow banjo enthusiast and obsessive instrument collector Rob, to Angel, one of the many people determined to keep the spirit of the Mother Road alive. Funny, touching and inspiring in equal measure, the tales he gathers on the way tell the story of modern America. And they might inspire a few people to get on their bikes as well.With his unrivalled instinct for a good story, and the gregariousness that has made him our most engaging national treasure, Billy Connolly is the ultimate guide to the ultimate road trip.


As a fan of Billy Connolly, I was glued to the TV series so when I heard that the book accompanying it was on its way, I signed up straight away so that I could relive the ride with one of my favourite comedian’s. Whilst I wasn’t enamoured with the previous book this one felt more like the Billy Connolly I knew from his shows, with his witty observations, his sense of fun and of course the chance to travel one of the most famous roads in the world without having to pay astronomical holiday fares.

All in, its fun, it has a great sense of humour and for me it was chance to see the real America over the Hollywood representation/invention that is becoming taken as fact rather than the myth to which it is. Add to this some great photographs, a step by step guide and a wonderful journey all round.

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Pat Hollett said...

This guy Billy is hysterical. I've watched him on tv and laughed at his unique sense of humour. I'm sure this would be a good read. A little off the beaten path for me, but nonetheless an interesting character who I'm sure could carry this off well. Nice work Gareth!