Monday, 17 October 2011

LADY ELEANOR POETRY REVIEW: Choices: Inside Out and Playing with Fire - Robert Lasardo

Release Date: 07/01/10


"Choices: Inside Out" is the most eagerly awaited and unique coffee table book of its kind.

"Choices: Inside Out" takes you on a photographic and poetic journey into a man’s soul. Robert gives the reader an intimate glimpse of his life as a youth, his pain and certainly his triumphs.

The vivid tattoo images are jarring and uplifting in the same breath. Each image leaves the viewer with a sense of awe. This raw, jaw dropping book clearly states every tattoo has its own life, its own story, and literally its own poetic connection. Each gritty heartfelt piece inspires the reader to do and be more.

This rare book inspires the reader to take life by the horns and move forward without allowing obstacles to stop you! Robert candidly writes about how life experiences have shaped and molded him, while each vivid image leaves the viewer hungry for more.


The world is a strange place and when you tend to see someone covered in tattoo’s (whilst I’m not as covered as Robert I have nine) it tends to elicit a fear response from many, yet from the other side of things, they’re a person’s journey through life as each one has a meaning that is hidden in ink and memory associated. Here in this, his first poetry book, Robert Lasardo takes us through a journey through his own mind in a frank, raw and emotive representation of his artwork in words.

It’s beautifully constructed, the pieces have words to whisper if you look beneath their appearance and to be honest a lot of the poems speak to the reader if you have the ears to hear their words and find that they’ll speak to yourself on a deeper level. It’s revealing, it has a power of its own and you can see the passion within purely from the way in which they tumble upon the page. Add to this some stark use of prose, some cleverly played upon connotations and it’s beautiful in its own fury as they take you on your journey.

Finally add a forward by Robert that speaks about his experiences with tattoo’s before you get to his poetry backed by the photography of Richard Wayne Miller and it’s a title that reveals a lot about a person going to prove the old adage of never judging a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

Release Date: 15/08/11


PLAYING WITH FIRE explores the spiritual conflict within the human heart when there is extreme emotional damage. This book is a collection of personal confessions, poetry and photographs that bring both beauty and corruption into play. Playing With Fire invites the reader to see love bare witness to the many monsters born of fear and to test loves value against the faces of despair. Unlike Robert’s first book, Choices: Inside Out, Playing With Fire introduces the concept of love in the feminine form with a series of real life images of a beautiful girl that is gradually transformed by the assault of pessimism. Playing With Fire is a vivid photographic memoir, filled with pain filled prose and uplifting poetry written by the multi-talented Robert La Sardo! This raw, mind-bending book clearly states that every tattoo has its own life, its own story, and literally its own poetic essence. The images in this gritty, yet incredible book will leave the reader speechless and hungry for more! The poetry and prose takes the reader on a journey, deep into the soul of a man and woman as they both triumph over life’s hurdles, judgment, and personal empowerment.


The second poetry title from Robert that brings some of the pieces from his former release together with newer musings from his mind which when teamed up with the beautiful photography to create a piece that is both evocative and emotional at the same time.

Add to this the chance to venture into his thoughts and it’s a title that is not just for coffee tables but something the reader will continue to delve into for their own associations alongside the opportunity to see the power of the word in this thought provoking as well as complex medium.

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