Friday, 28 October 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: Conan Classics 1: Conan the Destroyer - Robert E Howard

Release Date: 13/10/11


Conan the Barbarian is one of the most famed figures in fantasy fiction. With the success of the new film starring Jason Momoa and Ron Perlman, the time is right to revisit Robert E. Howard's classic stories. Presented in chronological order over three books, all of Conan's life is here, from his wild adventures as a youth to the final tale of Conan the King. Howard's tales of the wanderer, the reaver, the thief, the Barbarian have never been surpassed. In this volume Conan learns the secrets of THE TOWER OF THE ELEPHANT and the ROGUES IN THE HOUSE, meets THE FROST-GIANT'S DAUGHTER and the QUEEN OF THE BLACK COAST and visits THE VALE OF LOST WOMEN and THE BLACK COLOSSUS. A selection of other tales and fragments round out this new collection of a classic character.


Having loved the new Conan film, I was hip deep in wanting to revisit the original stories from Robert E Howard, this title not only introduces you but takes you on a combat, blood filled adventure which whilst dated now is a true classic of the genre. Add to this, great swathes of fodder, spartan prose backed by solid pace and the reader is in for a journey to take them back to the original. Great stuff.

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