Wednesday, 20 June 2012

CRIME FICTION REVIEW: Do Me No Harm - Julie Corbin

Release Date: 07/06/12


When her teenage son Robbie's drink is spiked, Olivia Somers is devastated. She has spent her adult life trying to protect people and keep them safe - not only as a mother, but also in her chosen profession as a doctor. So she tries to put it down to a horrible accident, in spite of the evidence suggesting malicious intent, and simply hopes no-one tries to endanger those she loves again. But someone from the past is after revenge. Someone closer to her family than she could possibly realise. Someone who will stop at nothing until they get the vengeance they crave. And, as she and her family come under increasing threat, the oath that Olivia took when she first became a doctor - to do no harm to others - will be tested to its very limits.


Having recently read a thriller that didn’t satisfy me I thought that I’d give a Julie Corbin tale a go, after all I’ve had friends recommend her to me so I thought that it was high time with a gap in my reading schedule that I took the chance. What unfurls in this, her third release, is a tale of action, of danger and of course a scenario where a lot of elements clash high above the principle characters head as she struggles to swim in the treacherous sea where one false move will see her dead.

The writing is crisp, the prose just as sharp but for me the key feature of this story was the character of Olivia who really took the tale to emotional heights for the reader as she was not only believable but one that you routed for from the start. Add to this solid dialogue and a pretty good turn of pace to keep you glued and all in I was left more than satisfied at the tales conclusion. I will definitely be reading more of Julie in the future.

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