Saturday, 30 June 2012

CUISINE REVIEW: The Food of Spain - Claudia Roden

Release Date: 15/03/12


Discover Spain's culture and cuisine

Claudia Roden has spent five years researching and writing about the food of Spain, resulting in this definitive, passionate and evocative cookbook which takes in the different regions and looks at the history, the people and the culture at the heart of this country, and at that which binds it all together - the delicious food and recipes passed down through generations. From simple, rustic tapas and delicately flavoured soups, to elaborate celebratory dishes served on silver platters and cakes and desserts each with a story to tell, this is the book about Spain to learn from and to cook from.


I love food from around the Mediteranian and whilst most of mine is Italian based I have always loved the Spanish cuisine which brings in North African influences as well as adding to the mix regional favourites. What this book by Claudia Roden brings to the fore is regional dishes that will make your summer delightful with wonderfully tasty light options alongside some more hearty fare for those cold winter evenings.

It’s comprehensive, there’s something for all palettes and when added to clear easy to follow instructions as well as advice on where to find some of the more elusive ingredients and it’s a wonderful treat all round. Finally throw into the mix, some cracking deserts some wonderfully delicious soups and of course a multitude of main courses that will give you such a huge choice all round and all in this title is perhaps the best book on Spanish food on the market as well as clearly written by a lady who loves the land alongside share her joy with everyone else. At the end of the day that’s the key and I know for a fact that I’ll have quite a few treats to enjoy when I want something really different. Cracking.

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