Thursday, 28 June 2012

VIDEO GAME NEWS: Bethesda launch Dishonored Gameplay - Bethesda

Hail Mighty Readers and Followers of the Calloused Thumbs,
Our friends at Bethesda have let us have a sneaky peak at the gameplay for The Golden Cat level of Dishonored with two very different play styles.  

Hopefully like us you'll be really enthused and can't wait to get your hands on this title in October.

Here is the first of the two styles, the sneak:
And for the second, all out warfare:
 We hope that this has whetted your appetite so prepare for vengeance as its a dish best served cold. All the best, Gareth and Lady Eleanor

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T. James said...

The gameplay is almost identical to Bioshock, but the setting is so different I think this will be well worth a play through by any FPS fan.