Saturday, 23 June 2012

SCIENCE FICTION AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Warhammer 40K: Butchers Nails - Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Release Date: 07/06/12


The primarch Angron: gladiator-king and Horus's lunatic attack dog. Never having hidden his resentment for his brothers, he now carves a bloody swathe through the galaxy in the Warmaster's name, with the Heresy providing a convenient excuse to indulge his love of brutal warfare. When they are tasked with a secretive mission alongside the Word Bearers Legion, the World Eaters' violent tendencies soon attract the attention of xenos raiders, troubled by the portents surrounding the primarch's berserk fury and his ultimate destiny as 'the Blood God's son'...


I love a tale of combat, of dark deeds and of course the line between heroes and villains is carefully blurred during the Horus Heresy. As with Aaron’s usual writing its dark, visceral and of course brings to the fore a morbidity that is hard to fight as no one is truly sure where they belong. Add to this a whole host of vocal talent to bring this story to light and it’s a tale that works extremely well for either journeys or of course something to listen to in order to relax or whilst you’re playing some tabletop.

All in a cracking story and one that I really enjoyed as I lay back and let the story take me on its merry way last thing at night. Can’t say I slept that well at the tales conclusion but that just goes to show how deeply drawn in I was.

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