Sunday, 24 June 2012

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Existence - David Brin

Release Date: 21/06/12


Our continued existence was never a given. We've always wanted to know our destiny. But when the end seems in sight, how will the world react? An alien artefact plucked from Earth's orbit throws the world into chaos with both warning and a promise. For the prophet who dreams of new world order, survival means putting an end to democracy. For the movie mogul with a talent for spinning facts, the public doesn't know what's best for them. And for the reporter determined to discover the truth, the world needs to know what's at stake. All are determined to hold off Armageddon. All will play their part in what's to come. Both brilliant and terrifying, David Brin's novel of the near future is a tour de force of storytelling. It is the work of a modern master of science fiction.


Brin has always been an author to make me not only think but one that generates a story that as a reader makes me think after I put the title down. It’s inventive and of course the what if questions are ones that haunt you long into your sleep as you try and think what the events would do in our world if the events within were to come to pass.

The pace is solid, the prose decent and as usual with David’s writing the reader is in for a treat as the pages take you through a real journey of discovery. All in a solid read but for me, asking the reader to question their own thoughts as well as understanding is a worthy thing in itself. Solid, capable and definitely a book I enjoyed.

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