Wednesday, 6 June 2012

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: Agent of Rome: The Imperial Banner - Nick Brown

Release Date: 07/06/12


272 AD The Roman Emperor Aurelian has defeated Queen Zenobia and crushed the Palmyran revolt. Faridun's Banner, hallowed battle standard of the Persian Empire, has fallen into Roman hands and is to be returned to the Persians as part of a historic peace treaty. But on the eve of the signing the banner goes missing. Recalled to Syria, imperial agent Cassius Corbulo is charged with recovering the flag. Accompanied by his faithful servant Simo and ex-gladiator bodyguard Indavara, Cassius must journey across the dangerous wastes of Syria to the equally perilous streets of Antioch. He and his companions face ruthless brigands, mysterious cults, merciless assassins and intrigue at every turn.


Having fallen for Nick’s writing style with his debut title The Siege, I couldn’t wait to catch up with Cassius Corbulo to see what adventures the “Grain Man” would be thrown into next. What occurs within is a story of intrigue, politics, double dealing and of course a treasure that needs to be found for the good of the Empire.

Its wonderfully crafted with sharp prose, wonderful pace and of course wit throughout as the cast play off each other to drag you into the past with relish. Add to the this the addition of an ex-gladiator some neat twists and of course a character who can’t help but get himself into all sorts of trouble and the reader is in for a treat. Definitely a second solid offering and one to make sure that readers reaching for something special in the Roman Period will grab this series. If you love Scarrow, adore Iggulden and of course admire Scott, then make sure you add Brown to your list. Great stuff.

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