Thursday, 21 June 2012

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: The Reckoning - Alma Katsu

Release Date: 21/06/12


I turned to Luke and reached for him. My blood felt as though it had seized up in my veins. "Lanny, what is it?" Luke asked. I clutched his lapel desperately "It's Adair. He's free". For 200 years she's been hiding. He gave her immortality. She tried to destroy him. Now he is searching for her. They must not meet. Or there will be a reckoning.


Having fallen for Alma’s writing in her first release “The Taker” I really couldn’t wait to see how the tale of Lenore would develop as events were brought more up to date especially after the rollercoaster of twists and turns that we were led upon in the first outing.

As with the first the principle player comes over strongly, she has guts, she has a strong personality and for me as a reader I really couldn’t wait to spend more time with her as her immortal existence was revealed a chapter at a time. Add to this Alma’s identifiable writing style, a great ability to bring the reader to the heart of the tale and backed up with a solid supporting cast made this tale a real joy to spend time around. Great stuff.

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