Saturday, 2 June 2012

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier 2: Invincible - Jack Campbell

Release Date: 25/05/12


Continues the story begun in "Dreadnaught", following the trials and tribulations of Admiral John 'Black Jack' Geary and Captain Desjani.


As a fan of historical fiction naval stories, I really couldn’t’ wait to rejoin Captain Geary as he takes the reader into a futuristic war where new discoveries surprise and add new elements to this already wonderfully explosive world. It’s carefully crafted, the author has a clear understanding of pace and brings it altogether with a wonderful set of elements that work wonderfully on the imagination.

Back that up with an author who believes in letting events reveal themselves naturally rather than forced and all in this is a wonderful set of tales for the young at heart of all ages. All in a great bit of fun but for me the real triumph is the authors use of character dialogue to futher the tale as well as help the reader to enact with this future. Magical elements all round and for me a real treat to indulge.

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Mitro said...

Wait a second...what market was that cover released in? Mine had Geary in a space suit with a usual. WTF? For once they put out a realistic cover and I do not get one.