Saturday, 9 June 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: Wintercraft: Legacy - Jenna Burtenshaw

Release Date: 13/05/12


The veil which marks the division between life and death is falling. Lost souls are seeping through to roam Albion's graveyard city of Fume. Kate Winters' recent memory is lost. Relieved to be heading home to Albion, Kate can't shake the feeling that Dalliah Grey, the woman she's supposed to be working for, is not to be trusted. Disgraced warrior Silas Dane plans to rescue Kate and save Albion from the advancing armies seeking to profit from the confusion. But the veil will not be easy to repair and Silas knows sacrifices have to be made. Kate must return to the dark secrets detailed by her ancestors in the ancient book of WINTERCRAFT and learn from their mistakes to save herself.


Having enjoyed the first two Wintercraft titles I really couldn’t wait to see how the story would conclude in the third title of this trilogy especially with so many threads yet to be concluded. After all, with the reader left on tenterhooks from the previous releases it really should come as no surprise that this book has been one of the most awaited by many a Young Fantasy fan.

The writing as usual is addictive with the author bringing the tale to the reader by the hand and letting it work its own way organically which when added to the solid prose and lovingly crafted dialogue really work well for the reader. Back that up with cracking lead characters alongside an easy to visualise world and all in it was a real treat. For me the only real downside is that this is the end to the series. Great stuff all in and a cracking series for your young reader to get into.

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Angela Addams said...

I'm not a huge fantasy fan but this one looks really cool...might have to check it out!