Monday, 13 September 2010

ART BOOK REVIEW: Dreamscapes Myth and Magic - Stephanie Pui-Man Law

Release Date: 30/07/10


Much of what modern writers and artists depict follows in the footsteps of ancient tales and imagery. Dreamscapes Myth & Magic explores these ancient origins while demonstrating the author's proven techniques for creating stunning, ethereal fantasy characters, creatures and settings. Readers will learn to create wonderful fantasy scenes step by step, including basic materials and techniques. Readers will also learn about planning and sketching; figure construction and how to vary it to create fantasy characters; and, how to make their fantasy characters unique by learning how to create clothing, settings and backgrounds.


Fan’s of Art titles are always looking for books that will help them improve their own personal style. What Stephanie does in this offering is cover the watercolour medium for the fantasy artist.

Whilst she does cover basics such as what type of paper, blending techniques, washes, glazes and a whole host of other tips to help you get the most available, the artwork standard is quite a bit higher than other titles in the Impact range, relying heavily on a modicum of talent in order to take them to the next step. Unfortunately this mean that rank amateurs who make matchstick men look deformed probably won’t get the most out of this title although valuable lessons are contained within. (Sadly I fall into the later category.)

It is interesting, there are lessons to be learned and if you have the talent, it will definitely help you regardless of the subject matter you prefer to paint. Definitely a solid title that will become a much favoured reference guide to help you expand your skill set to a whole new level.

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