Monday, 20 September 2010

ARTS AND CRAFTS: Art Book Review: How to Draw and Paint Warriors and Heroes - Alan Lathwell

Release Date: 30/07/10


Ten extremely gradual step by step fantasy art projects show artists how to conceptualize, draw and paint a great selection of warrior hero characters. The projects include all classic male and female warrior archetypes - from Thor, Achilles and Conan to a Ronin Samurai and female Amazon. First part of the book provides general guidelines on basic concepts and art techniques such as rendering combat, armour, weapons and wounds. This book is filled with Alan's high-impact art to create a true celebration of the heroic might of the warrior, and is suitable for all fantasy artists, from young teens up.


As a fan of these how to draw titles, I really do love getting a new title in order to help improve my understanding of the craft. Not only do you get taught how to improve the skills that you have with lessons from modern masters of the craft who make a living from their talent, but you also get invaluable advice that would have taken years to learn. Its really a spectacular title and one that really will help the artist to improve.

What I will say about this title before we go much further is that this is not one for those just starting out, its quite advanced and to be honest whilst a little above my current skill level there are invaluable lessons that will hopefully get you up there sooner rather than later. If you’re a beginner I’d advise that you start with Fantasy Art for Beginners by John Hodgson before moving up to this book.

Finally with advice on differing techniques, organisational tips as well as different tacks for the medium of choice and it’s a title that will see use time and again, a solid reference guide for the heroic fantasy artist which also gives lessons on perspective that will prove invaluable for all.

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