Wednesday 1 September 2010

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: The Road to Bedlam - Mike Shevdon

Release Date: 01/09/10


There’s been an accident. It’s your daughter. These are the words no parent ever wants to hear.

Learning to cope with the loss of a child is only the beginning of the new challenges facing Niall Petersen. An old enemy has returned and Niall already knows it’s not a social call. As the new Warder of the Seven Courts he will be forced to choose between love and honour, duty and responsibility. Those choices will lead him to discover dark secrets at the core of the realm, where the people in power have their own designs.


There are moments of real joy in the twilight of book reading when an author really cannot do anything wrong for the reader. One of these breaks in the storm of Urban Fantasy is author Mike Shevdon, who in this, his second novel in the Courts of the Feyre series, The Road to Bedlam has been an absolute joy.

What makes this series so engrossing is the fact that its just so different from the numerous Urban Fantasy titles out there as whilst most are concentrating on exotic locations (well exotic to the UK) Mike writes it based here in Britain, whilst most write about Vamps and Werekin, Mike writes about the Fey and magic in the modern world. It is the Neverwhere for Generation X and as such when backed up with great dialogue, an emotional roller coaster alongside kick ass plot outline, you know that you have something special. If the third picks up the ball as much as the second, then Mike is going to be a name to set the benchmark by, quality is assured and as such, thank god we’ve got another author to wave the flag against team US.

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Danielle said...

Thanks for the review! I stumbled upon your blog while researching Mike Shevdon's, Sixty-One Nails. I'll be giving this series a try, also, I see you're a Downside supporter, so you clearly have good taste! I'll do an addy to my blogroll, and follow you for a bit!

Cheers from the US! :::grin:::