Sunday, 19 September 2010

WRITING GUIDE: The Writer's Guide 2011 - Robert Lee Brewer

Release Date: 30/07/10


"Writer's Market" provides more than 3,500 publishing opportunities for freelance writers, in addition to a completely updated freelance rate chart. The 2011 edition will be the 90th annual edition to give writers the tools they need to get published and get paid for their writing. In addition to the thousands of market listings, "Writer's Market" also includes up-to-date articles that outline how to find success as freelance writers, from how to write query letters to launching a freelance business.


Apart from practicing my artwork I do have a lot of fun writing. Whilst I may not currently be up there for publication, this title is one that will prove invaluable for all authors out there. Within this book are tips on what to do before you make a sale, through to a clinic on making sure that after the time that you’ve spent polishing your novel that the query letter doesn’t let you down.

Add to the mix tips on advancing your skill set as well as marketing your work and you know that it’s a good solid reference guide that will help you take your next step. Finally with a list of publishers/agents/magazines/journals that you can then utilise to make sure that you’re writing gets to the right place and with a bit of luck you know that you’re well on the way to getting your first title on a shelf near you

It is a serious guide, so much so that if you really are serious about your writing then you can ill afford to let this book go by, if you do, the road to that gleaming contract will be a hell of a lot longer and you’ll kick yourself from not having utilised all the tricks of the trade. Writing, as many successful authors will tell you, is as much about luck as the skills that you’ve utilised and with agents/publishers looking forward. a title that may sell now may not sell in six months time, so getting it there quicker is perhaps the best thing you can do.

After all, why break your own back when this tome is pretty much the writers holy grail and map all rolled into one. Defintiely a title that will help you navigate this hidden world so much so that the trail will be a lot shorter than one that so many others have to tread.

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