Tuesday, 7 September 2010

FANTASY REVIEW: Runelords: Chaos Bound - David Farland

Release Date: 02/09/10


The world of the Runelords is drastically changed. It has been magically combined with a parallel world, causing widespread destruction and chaos. Lands have sunk below the sea and elsewhere mountains have risen from it. Thousands have died, and humankind faces extinction. Borenson and Myrrima must journey to save their realm from total devastation, but the landscape is not all that has been altered. In the change, Borenson has merged with a monstrous creature from another world, Aaath Ulber. Not only is he transformed physically, but his behaviour also begins to evolve - he is becoming a berserker warrior. And as the dark rulers of this new world play a byzantine game of politics, this warrior is now the most significant pawn in that game.


To be honest, my Dad is a huge Farland fan, so it’s to him that I defer a lot of the review work. What he gets from David’s writing is a tale that is beautifully told, characters who jump out from the pages, and in general a story that keeps him glued to the final page. Runelords, has at times, left the reader a little out in the cold but Chaos Bound gets back to what Farland does well, great action sequences, quests and evolution backed up with a seriously huge story arc that keeps you wondering what else can be added to the tale. Definitely a huge hit as far as my Dad was concerned although, to be honest, if you haven’t read the series prior to this offering start at the beginning rather than hoping to jump in at this time.

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michelle said...

Making 3-d characters takes a lot of work. Nice review!