Sunday, 5 September 2010

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Harmony 7: Deamlight 3: The Midnight Crystal - Jayne Castle

Release Date: 09/09/10


Adam Winters has enough responsibility as the new head of the local ghost hunters' guild without being saddled with the family curse. He's convinced his recent nightmares and hallucinations will lead to him becoming a psychic rogue - unless he can find a stolen relic and a woman who can read dreamlight. Marlowe Jones rides into his life on a motorcycle and, though a descendent of the rival Arcane family, she's just what Adam needs: a psychic private investigator and dreamlight reader extraordinaire. Together, amid the glowing catacombs and steamy underground jungles of Harmony, Adam and Marlowe must break the curse, save the entire underworld - and fight a passion that could destroy them both.


To be honest I haven’t read any of the titles in the Dreamlight trilogy so I’ve come at this from a bit of a blank slate. That said, I didn’t feel that I’d missed anything as the set up, along with the occasional info dump felt that I’d picked up on most of the back story and as such could get on with reading this tale without having to worry. That said, the characters were interesting and if I’m honest a little bit predictable although fully rounded which helped carry the story to it’s ultimate goal.

Overall a pretty descent read and one that means I will watch for this author. Whilst it didn’t set my world alight, it was reasonable enough to make sure that I watch out for future offerings.

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