Wednesday, 22 September 2010

FACTUAL REVIEW: Leadership Secrets of Genghis Khan - John Man

Release Date: 08/07/10


Genghis Khan has a very strong claim to be the greatest leader the world has ever seen. As a teenager he was an outcast fleeing enemies on a mountain in northern Mongolia, an exile, a nobody. Yet it took only twenty years for Genghis to build the largest land empire in history - four times the size of Alexander's, twice the size of Rome's. How did he do it? What lessons does his life reveal about the nature of leadership? What is 'greatness' in leadership?What traits did Genghis possess exactly? Were they unique, or might some apply in other times and other places - even here and today? In Leadership Secrets of Genghis Khan , John Man re-examines the life of Genghis Khan to discover the qualities, characteristics and strategies that made him the great leader that he was. The answers are sometimes surprising. Genghis was far from just the tyrant that history records, but rather a leader of exceptional vision and modernity. And many of the secrets of his success are as valuable and applicable in today's competitive business world as they were in rallying the Mongol hordes.


Whilst the title of this book may seem a bit of a joke, the subject matter is fascinating and has practical uses for the modern businessman. (Not that we’re saying you should rampage across Europe and making about 2 Million people your personal descendents in approximately 800 years.) Through the use of modern analyses, the author looks at traits that made Genghis the man he was against the backdrop of the modern world alongside practices that led to people being promoted through talent rather than birth.

It’s well thought out, it has great lessons and above all else it goes to show that solid foundations can make an empire. An ideal gift for the business minded reader.

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