Monday, 27 September 2010

HISTORICAL FICTION - Quest for Honour - Sam Barone

Release Date: 02/09/10


At the dawn of history, an epic war is about to begin in the deadly quest for honour. The city of Sumer, ruled by a brutal murderer and his vicious, power hungry sister, is poised to give birth to the mightiest empire in history. No one stands a chance as it brings a bloody war to all those who stand in its way, determined to crush and enslave those on its borders. The little city state of Akkad must prepare its fledgling nation to fight for its very survival. Akkad's warriors are a loyal and courageous brotherhood, but this is not a battle of villages or of roving warrior bands; it is a battle for Empire and a fight to the death...


Fan’s of Barone really can’t get enough of his prehistory civlisation titles. Here, in this, his third outing, readers are treated to an all out bloody war to the death.

Add to this a touch of Howard’s heroic Cimmerian to the mix and you know that it’s going to be something special.

Whilst firmly in the historical fiction genre this is a book that will appeal to fans of fantasy and if you’re looking for something a little different or even a new series to occupy their time this year you really can’t go wrong with this one as it will more than impress with the authors writing style. Just don’t blame us if you get ignored from Christmas day onwards until completion.

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