Friday, 24 September 2010


Release Date: 01/07/10


Jerry Sharpe is an ex-marine and, for him, survival means protecting his family by any means necessary. Susan is learning just how far a mother will go for her children. But how far will she go for a man she doubted before the bombs fell? As Jerry's training and instincts take over, she is certain of one thing - her children need her. Melanie was going to go to college. Now, she is struggling to find a way to live in a world gone mad without losing sight of what she believes in. Scotty has a new mission - more than survival. He was saved, and he'll be damned if he won't fight for what's right. And Bill - Bill was locked up, but the power went out and the guards left. Now he and his fellow inmates have realised that everything is free for the taking ...if you're strong enough to hold on to it.


To be honest not a tale that really did much for me as I really didn’t like the group of people that we followed in this offering. It is well written, the concept pretty standard and topped off with some acceptable dialogue but without characters that I really care about, it was a tale that I felt I could have done without.

Not that Terry isn’t a good author. What is done with the cast is acceptable and felt more like a film script than a tale but for me it just didn’t scratch that itch that I expect to be satisfied with a tale that the book blurb promised. Although I was a tad upset with this title I will keep an eye out for this authors future work but I think I’ll be avoiding this apocalyptic world for the time being.

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