Thursday, 23 September 2010

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Twisted Metal 2: Blood and Iron - Tony Ballantyne

Release Date: 02/07/10


Appointed Commander of the Emperor's Army of Sangrel, Wa-Ka-Mo-Do of Ko tries to establish relations between the existing robot population and the humans who have recently arrived on Yukawa. On the continent of Shull, Kavan forms the Uncertain Army and is marching to Artemis City. Upon discovery that the city's generals have made an alliance with the humans, he retreats to Stark where he plans the eventual overthrow of Artemis and the humans. Meanwhile, Karel is heading South, hoping to be reunited with Susan, his wife. As he walks, he hears more of the stories of the robots, and begins to understand something about his place on the world of Penrose. But with limited resources and tensions growing between robot and human it's only a matter of time before problems arise. And it's becoming more and more apparent that the humans are a lot more powerful than the robots first expected...


Science Fiction tales often have to break the mould and present the reader with something new. You definitely get that with Tony Ballantyne. With this offering Tony brings the second tale from the Penrose series to the fore and ups the anti with every passing page. The characters have human traits whilst still retaining their metal forms backed up with an overall arc that is really breathtaking. A real treat and one that I hope to enjoy again shortly. One word of advice is to reread the original offering, Twisted Metal, prior to starting the second. I failed to do this and was confused for a little bit until I reread the original and had a lot more fun with this second book.

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