Friday, 10 September 2010

CRIME FICTION REVIEW: Where the Dead Lay - David Levien

Release Date: 02/09/10


The Victim was a fighter, but strength wasn't enough to save him from a gruesome end. The Missing are two well-paid private investigators who vanish on a confidential job. The Family is formidable, crazy, deadly, and will stop at nothing to make a mark. The Investigator is Frank Behr: tough, reclusive, angry, and close to becoming...The Hunted ...can Behr track down the killers before they add him to their hit list?


To be honest with this title, I had one hell of a time trying to get into it, the first 100 pages felt like a real drag and its only because I hate to give up with a book that I struggled through. The plot was neglibile, the writing dire and with a main character who was such a pain in the backside that I just couldn’t associate with him in any way. I really wanted this guy wiped from the earth and a secondary character to step up and prove that what was perceived as the weaker member is, at times, just as powerful as the lead. That at least would have made this tale interesting, it would have added a bit more spice and proven that with this author you couldn’t accept or expect any of the usual rules to apply. Instead this tale is one that I’m heavily advising that you steer clear from, it’s not worth your time, it’s certainly not worth your money and above all else it’s a tale that won’t stick with you or improve your love of the genre.

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