Monday, 3 September 2012

ARTS AND CRAFTS REVIEW: The Stitch Bible: The Complete Guide to Embroidery and Hand Stitching - Kate Haxell

Release Date: 17/07/12


This is a comprehensive guide to embroidery, with 200 stitches and a range of fresh and modern projects. You can learn the basic stitches and master 8 different embroidery styles, including blackwork, crewelwork, hardanger, pulled thread, goldwork and freestyle. Every stitch has clear step-by-step instructions and is accompanied by coloured diagrams. You can create 19 beautiful items for yourself and your home, from bags and accessories to gifts and home decor.


Different people find different things to help occupy their time but whilst some like to paint and others like to read, there are some who love the art of sewing and embroidery which this title by Kate Haxell brings to the fore with a whole host of beautiful projects that require various skills as well as stitch types to create.

It’s quite addictive to read and whilst I’m personally more a darn and make do type of guy I do have a relative that loves to create special projects for friends and family that she designs herself. Add to this a whole host of idea’s as well as skills that she can develop to suit her own purpose, beautifully illustrated stitch patterns alongside easy to follow guide and all in this is a great book to help encourage a skill that feels like it’s a dying art. A great book and could be an ideal Grand/mother/daughter set of projects to help pass the skills and love on to a new generation.

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