Wednesday, 12 September 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: The Outcast Trilogy 3: Sanctuary - Rowena Cory Daniells

Release Date: 13/09/12

For over three hundred years, the mystics lived alongside the true-men, until King Charald laid siege to the mystic’s island city and exiled them. Imoshen, most powerful of the female mystics, was elected to lead her people into exile. She faces threats from within, from male mystics who think they would make a better leader. And her people face threats from true-men, who have confiscated their ships. They must set sail by the first day of winter. Those who are left behind will be executed.

Once they set sail, they face winter storms, hostile harbours and sea-raiders who know their ships are laden with treasure. Imoshen relies on the sea captain, ardonyx, for advice, and Sorne, the half-blood mystic, who has lived among the true-men kingdoms of the Secluded Sea. But Imoshen knows the mystics can’t run for ever. They need somewhere to call home. They need... Sanctuary.


The third and final part in the Outcast Chronicles that started thankfully has been released back to back over consecutive months whilst each episode is fresh within the memory of the reader. As usual with Rowena’s writing its crisp, the plot rich as well as complex and when blended with her writing style really works wonders as the tale wends its way to its conclusion. All this is great but when you add to the mix a wonderful sense of rounded characters who previous excursions have coloured their journey as previous choices play out in the final book and you know that you’re in for something special.

Finally throw into this an author who knows what the reader is after and manages to bring numerous threads together to help create a satisfying ending that when blended with cracking pace alongside a wonderful sense of world development which will leave the reader wondering what’s to come next from the author and all in she’s a name that moves right to the top of my TBR Fantasy pile. Great stuff.

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