Tuesday, 11 September 2012

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist 2: Blood Therapy - Lynda Hilburn

Release Date: 13/09/12


Kismet Knight knows exactly how to handle her patients, but when it comes to her love-life, she's on less steady ground. That was until she met master vampire Devereux, an 800-year-old hunk, who not only managed to convince the entirely rational shrink that vampires really do exist - he also convinced her to start dating him. Kismet's still having nightmares after being kidnapped by Lucifer, a schizophrenic vampire. From a therapeutic perspective she finds his split personalities fascinating - but she's constantly terrified. And Dev's become obsessed with finding Lucifer - before he comes after Kismet again. So much for her nice, ordinary life...


The second book in the Vampire Psychologist series and one that not only advanced Kismet as a character but one that added extra flesh to the world as things not only unravel on a personal level but professionally as she seeks to keep the realities hidden from those outside of her inner circle of trust. Its quirky, it has just the right amount of action which when added to the complex emotional context within really makes this a book that’s addictive.

Add to this some wonderful twists as the tale unravels with an old enemy returning to taunt in the macabre way only he can with darker revelations revealed within which when backed with a lot of personal soul searching on the emotional level backed with resolutions on many levels makes this a title that is not only hard to put down but one that announces that Kismet is here to stay. Great stuff.

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