Friday 14 September 2012


Release Date: 13/09/12


Harry and Michel live in the basement of a luxury apartment block, guarding the inhabitants. No-one goes outside. The world might be at war - it might even have been plunged into nuclear winter. No-one knows. All Harry and Michel know is that if they are vigilant, 'the Organization' will reward them: promotion to an elite cadre of security officers remains their shining goal. But what if there were no-one left to guard? And if the promised relief shift arrives, how will they fit in to Michel and Harry's studied routine of boredom and paranoia?


To be honest this is a bit of strange title to review, not because the writing isn’t up there with the best but because I felt differing emotions towards the end of the title, an internal struggle for what I wanted against what happened. Its definitely a strange title and whilst it took a little bit to get used to the authors style it was definitely a book I was pleased I took the time to sit down and read.

The lead character is not only fascinating but one that you want to get to know more about especially after learning how the world has gone to pot with himself and his colleague set to protect the residents from anyone who threatens their existence. Add to this sharp prose, some solid world building alongside a cracking arc but for me it’s the characters and how their personalities effect the plot that really draws you in.

All in, as I said it’s a bit of a strange book but if you love dystopian thrillers then this is one you absolutely have to read. Another great release by Machlehose and one that really allows the reader the chance to read a foreign title that they may not have had chance to that’s every bit as good as those who’ve gone before. A possible classic in the making.

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