Tuesday, 18 September 2012

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Warhammer 40K: Horus Heresy: Fear to Tread - James Swallow

Release Date: 13/09/12


Since the earliest days of the Great Crusade, Sanguinius - angelic primarch of the IXth Legion - was ever among the closest and most loyal of Horus's brothers. But the Blood Angels have long kept their true nature hidden from the rest of the Imperium, and when the Warmaster hints that the key to their salvation may lie in the ruins of a conquered world, the sons of Sanguinius race to claim it. Now, as the revelation of their betrayal dawns and the traitors' hand is revealed, the Blood Angels must face all the warp-spawned armies of Chaos, as well their own personal daemons, upon the blasted plains of Signus Prime...


To be honest I generally sit back and enjoy any Horus Heresy title that lands but for some reason this one felt a little flat. Don’t get me wrong there was solid action, some great twists but overall it felt like it was more a series of idea’s to help patch it up to a full length novel than one that was fully planned originally.

It does have some good prose, the pace does fluctuate to allow the reader to breathe but for me something was just missing that meant that my overall reading pleasure just wasn’t there so for me, this wasn’t one of the best HH titles to date.

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