Monday, 17 September 2012

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: The Last Reef - Gareth Powell

Release Date: 06/04/12


What do you try to save when your world falls apart? Gareth L. Powell’s first collection of short fiction features a motley collection of archaeologists, hackers and ex-cops struggling to answer that very question. As their lives implode around them, will they use the moment to save their own skins, or to find a way to make up for past misdeeds? With settings ranging from the dead sands of Mars to the seedy backstreets of Amsterdam and Buenos Aires, these fifteen action-packed tales explore mind-bending science fictional ideas through the eyes of unforgettable and all-too-human characters.


There are times when as a reader you want to be able to just dip into a something different during either short journey’s or a lunch break to take you away from the monotony of the real world. That’s exactly what happens in this Techno Thriller from Gareth L Powell as each tale bring something new to the fore.

The writing is crisp, to the point and not flouncy as its cut away fat to get to the meat of the tales within as desperate times and downtrodden characters seek to eek an existence out of the dark future. Its good fun, keeps you glued as each page leads you further into the mind of the author and also gives you a set of tales that you’ll keep wanting to dip into time and again. A great book from Anarchy and one that really made me pay attention to this author.

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