Tuesday, 18 September 2012

THRILLER REVIEW: A Jar of Wasps - Luis Villazon

Release Date: 06/04/12


Graham Trevennan has just been dumped by his girlfriend. That's not the problem. He's wanted by the police for a murder he didn't commit. That's not the problem, either. But around the world, dormant volcanoes are suddenly erupting and impossibly complex crystal meteorites are falling out of the sky in a way that probably isn't coincidental. Now, the CIA, the army and at least one terrifyingly beautiful treasure hunter all seem to think that shooting Graham will somehow help them get hold of these priceless, extraterrestrial crystals. That is a problem.

Graham's mission is to avoid getting killed, figure out whose side he is on and save the world. In the end, he manages two out of three. Which for a beginner, isn't bad.


To be honest it took me a few goes to get through this tale as I felt it started off very slowly and really took its time to do much for me as a reader. Don’t get me wrong the structure was there but it felt that the author hadn’t quite polished the beginning enough for me as a reader to get me hooked right away.

That I think is the key to this book and it will also be the thing that turns a lot of readers off as if the hooks aren’t there early on, they’ll find it quite easy to put it down and not finish. The idea’s explored were interesting and if you look past a number of errors within alongside clunky characters it wasn’t a bad book but there are many others out there that are better. It just didn’t stand out enough for me as a reader and with an ending that felt more like “I’ve hit my word count” than any real natural end, it is a book that I won’t be recommending to many.

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