Sunday, 9 September 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: Wild Hunt Trilogy 2: Trinity Rising - Elspeth Cooper

Release Date: 26/07/12


The future holds nothing but blood and death ...and Teia fears there is nothing she can do about it. Her clan is riding to war, but her secret, untrained gift of foretelling has shown her they are riding to their doom. If she cannot turn them from their course, her only hope of saving them will be to betray them to their sworn enemies. Gair is mourning his past ...but there is no time to dwell on his grief or hunger for revenge. Pursuing an artefact from the Founding Wars, he travels deep into the hostile southern deserts. As religious tensions erupt into bloody violence around him, he must make an impossible choice: save innocent lives or sacrifice them in the hope that thousands more can be saved later. And all the while, his grip on his powers is failing.


The second book for Elspeth and one that continues to expand upon the world presented in her first. It has great characters, a darker tinge beneath the covers and for me when blended with the authors writing style really gives me what I look for in a fantasy.

Back that up with a friendly and engaging use of prose alongside dialogue and you too will find yourself taken into this world that she’s lovingly crafted. Finally throw into the mix deeper threads with repercussions for the series as a whole and a number of mysterious players that’s hinted at and all in it’s a book that really works on so many levels. I just hope that the various threads don’t run away with themselves.

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