Friday, 28 September 2012

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: The Death Sculptor - Chris Carter

Release Date: 02/08/12


'Good job you didn't turn on the lights ...' A student nurse has the shock of her life when she discovers her patient, prosecutor Derek Nicholson, brutally murdered in his bed. The act seems senseless - Nicholson was terminally ill with only weeks to live. But what most shocks Detective Robert Hunter of the Los Angeles Robbery Homicide Division is the calling card the killer left behind. For Hunter, there is no doubt that the killer is trying to communicate with the police, but the method is unlike anything he's ever seen before. And what could the hidden message be? Just as Hunter and his partner Garcia reckon they've found a lead, a new body is found - and a new calling card. But with no apparent link between the first and second victims, all the progress they've made so far goes out of the window. Pushed into an uncomfortable alliance with the confident Alice Beaumont, Hunter must race to put together the pieces of the investigation ...before the Death Sculptor puts the final touches to his masterpiece.


I love the dark side of criminal psychology and whilst I recently read a book by a debut author I really was looking forward to this book by Chris Carter as he manages to send a solid chill up my spine whilst giving me my required feed of blood, imagination and of course a criminal that will test his detective to the max.

It has great pace, some cracking prose but for me it’s the characters that really help to drive this title forward as they’re not only multi-faceted but require each other to help bolster the others weaknesses. It works a treat all round and for me if you want a serious chill in the dead of night to leave you worried about turning that light off, you really have to give this author a go

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