Saturday, 15 September 2012

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: Oathsworn 5: Crowbone - Robert Low

Release Date: 13/09/12


The long awaited return to Robert Low's Oathsworn series Island of Mann, 979AD. A man lies dying with a message he cannot take to his grave, a sworn secret that must be passed on only to Olaf Tryggvasson, kin of Harald Fairhair of the Yngling line and true prince of Norway, also known as Crowbone. When the message finally arrives, so begins a quest to discover its meaning, and for Crowbone to gain what is rightfully his: the crown of Norway. With a band of Chosen Men, Crowbone begins an unforgiving journey that will see him face the challenge of new enemies and confront his suspicions of treachery from old friends. Looming over all is his ultimate rival; Gunnhild, the Witch Mother of Kings, Crowbone's arch-enemy who will stop at nothing to prevent him from knowing what and where this secret is. In the fifth installment of his Oathsworn series, Robert Low is back to his full-blooded Viking best, this time visiting the harsh terrain of the North Sea coast, in a tale about one man's quest for survival and the unexpected alliances that emerge, as the very bonds that tie the Oathsworn together are put to the test.


Fans of Robert Low’s Oathsworn have been baying for the Whale Road Raiders return for quite some time and with a successful group behind him, the real question for many is would the group live up to their expectations especially when he’s been immersed in the times of Robert the Bruce for the last couple of titles.

All this and more I can now answer and say, Yes, the Oathsworn are back and of course as good as they’ve always been. The story is fairly fast paced, the characters including a maturing Crowbone standing on their own with the Norn’s weaving a fate for them all that will have the ages singing of their heroism. It’s got top notch action sequences, a good deal of brain work (not only with the mind but by Axe as well. LOL) some magical twists and of course the treachery of an old enemy returned to hamper their efforts.

Add to this tight knit prose, a wonderful sense of dialogue which is all topped off with an adventure that readers will just love and all in I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what else Rob has in store for my favourite band of raiders.

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