Monday, 24 September 2012


Release Date: 30/08/12


The World Grand Master of Horror cordially invites you to an idyllic Scottish retreat with beautiful rooms, luscious gardens, a breathtaking view ...and a basement full of secrets.


As a long-time fan of James’ writing, when I originally heard about this book I was more than a little eager to get my hands upon it. Then the delays hit with the publication date being pushed back time and again yet my faith stood strong knowing that when the title finally arrived it would be something magical. Yet sometime on when it finally arrived I was a little apprehensive to start as to be honest this title was a little chunky and of course a bit scary as when you’ve waited as long as I have the anticipation is almost a living breathing creature.

What unfurled within the book was a story that was well written with obviously meticulously researched material into the events that gave this story a setting in the real world. Yet for all that, the book was overly long with what felt like a lot of unnecessary padding with no real middle leaving a book with an interesting beginning and a monotonous conclusion. Back that up with no real paranormal occurrences within the title alongside poorly designed, almost cartoony characters and all in it was a pretty poor offering for me.

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