Sunday, 3 February 2013

CRIME REVIEW: Watch You Die - Katia Lief

Release Date: 31/01/13


If he can't have you no one will...

Darcy was just trying to be friendly to the new boy in the office. But it's gone horribly wrong. At first it was just unwanted invitations but now Joe is sending her abusive emails, calling her late at night, unwilling to take no for an answer.

And every step, Darcy takes to distance herself from him is just adding fuel to Joe's obsession. And now he knows where she lives...


Writing can, at times be as subtle as a brick when hard combat is meshed with the battlefield, yet when you read a crime novel, you sometimes want that manipulative whisper that penetrates deep into the readers subconscious so much so that when aspects of the plot are revealed fully you end up wondering why you didn’t spot it before.

In this new title by Katia, it is perhaps her best to date with some wonderful subterfuge, some great writerly sleight of hand and when blended with solid prose as well as great story arc really keeps you glued until the last page it is turned. Add to this some wonderfully realistic characters that the reader wants to spend time around which when blended with some great dialogue really adds up to one solid crime title that will haunt your mind for some time to come. Great stuff.

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