Thursday, 7 February 2013

STEAMPUNK REVIEW: A Conspiracy of Alchemists - Liesel Schwarz

Release Date: 07/02/13


When dirigible pilot Elle Chance accepts an unusual cargo in Paris she finds herself in the middle of a deadly war between the Alchemists and Warlocks. The Alchemists will stop at nothing to acquire the coveted carmot stone and its key, and Elle must do everything in her power to thwart their diabolical plans. Embarking on a perilous cross-continental adventure with the mysterious Mr Marsh, Elle is forced to question everything she ever knew about herself to fulfil her destiny and prevent a magical apocalypse..."A Conspiracy of Alchemists" is a superb adventure, combining the best elements of 19th century gothic fiction with contemporary Steampunk and supernatural themes.


I love a bit of Steampunk that takes me away from the real world, I love the mechanisation of clockwork, the feeling that these things really should work and when thrown in with a writers imagination with solid prose, great outline and a kick ass lead character really works on so many levels for me.

Add to this a vulnerability to the character that allows a fully roundedness and all round its more than hits the spot. Back this up with a solid plot, some wonderful twists and all round I was more than glued to the adventure from the opening paragraph to the last sentence. Great stuff.

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ediFanoB said...

I love to read steampunk. I never heard about the book before. Thanks to your review I ordered a copy in advance.