Friday, 15 February 2013

SCIENCE FICTION GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos: Fourth Faction - John Wagner, Flint Henry, Colin MacNeil, Staz Johnson, Ben Willisher

Release Date: 14/02/13


Legendary Judge Dredd-co-creator John Wagner has written the longest, most eventful and world-shattering Dredd-epic of his career. Mega-City One has seen nothing like this since the Apocalypse War, and this time things are looking even darker. With the much-loved mayor of Mega-City One presumed dead by the citizens, an election has been scheduled to choose his successor. Cadet Judge Hennessey has predicted that something terrible will happen on the Election Day and she may be right. East-Meg assassin Nadia has arrived in the Big Meg, looking for a scientist who has created a very dangerous virus... This is the first of three volumes chronicling Day of Chaos


To get myself in the mood to watch the new Dredd film I was more than happy to read this graphic novel that landed. Yes it has some nostalgic moments for me but when you add artwork from some of the graphic novels heavyweight division into this then you know that its going to not just hit you deep down but be a graphic novel that you’re going to savour.

Throw into the mix cracking stories, some wonderful twists and of course a judge who doesn’t like to lose and all round it’s a graphic novel that for me really doesn’t get any better. If you were to pick one to read for world night (as The Dark Judges is nominated) then I’d definitely suggest this one, the size is ideal, the text much more legible and when added to the wonderfully colour artwork really makes this a cracking title.

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