Thursday, 28 February 2013

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: The Dark Tower 8: The Wind Through the Keyhole - Stephen King

Release Date: 28/02/13


THE NUMBER ONE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER.For readers new to The Dark Tower, THE WIND THROUGH THE KEYHOLE is a stand-alone novel, and a wonderful introduction to the series. It is a story within a story, which features both the younger and older gunslinger Roland on his quest to find the Dark Tower. Fans of the existing seven books in the series will also delight in discovering what happened to Roland and his ka tet between the time they leave the Emerald City and arrive at the outskirts of Calla Bryn Sturgis.This Russian Doll of a novel, a story within a story, within a story, visits Mid-World's last gunslinger, Roland Deschain, and his ka-tet as a ferocious storm halts their progress along the Path of the Beam. (The novel can be placed between Dark Tower IV and Dark Tower V.) Roland tells a tale from his early days as a gunslinger, in the guilt ridden year following his mother's death. Sent by his father to investigate evidence of a murderous shape shifter, a 'skin man,' Roland takes charge of Bill Streeter, a brave but terrified boy who is the sole surviving witness to the beast's most recent slaughter. Roland, himself only a teenager, calms the boy by reciting a story from the Magic Tales of the Eld that his mother used to read to him at bedtime,


OK, you’re up to date and have read the full series of the Dark Tower so you must be wondering what the hell is happening with this new book in the series. So to help sort that out now, it occurs between books four and five.

What unfurls within however is a book that according to the forward you can read without having taken the time with the others, personally I’d argue against that as for me you really need the full flavour to get the most from the title. As usual with King the story hits the spot, has some great twists and backed up with a plotline that can’t but help draw you in and all round, it’s a book that I had a lot of fun with.

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