Friday, 8 February 2013

NEWS: Angry Robot Reboot Lee Harris with new Purpose

Hail Mighty Readers,
Our friends at Angry Robot have fed us secret communications about Lee Harris, here's their feed:

"It was a dark day in the Angry Robot Fortress of Doom. The greatest robo-minds in the global organisation had gathered, with but one purpose:
“We need to talk about Lee.”
Silence. Grim, quite possibly foreboding silence.
“Er, why?”
“Well… he knows things. Lots of things. Things that, if brought into the harsh light of public scrutiny, could have massive and far-reaching consequences for our mission. We need to decide what to do about him.”
More silence. This time of a more ruminative, speculative kind.
“We could…”
“…promote him?”
Silence again. But of the lightbulb-going-on variety.
“Hadn’t thought about that. Not a bad idea. Right then, stand-down the grinders, issue a public pronouncement on all channels. The Lee Harris Unit is hereby promoted to…”
“Senior Editor?”
“Yep, that sounds about right. Senior editor. Good idea. Make it so.”
“Please, no Trek clichés.”
“Sorry. Just get on with it, then. And put the kettle on, someone. I’m gasping for a brew.”
Silence once more, as the greatest robo-minds in the global organisation vacated the Chamber of Contemplation, to return to their own dreams and schemes of imminent and inevitable global domination.
True story."

We'd like to say congrats to Lee but hey, we wouldn't want to be probed for supporting him.  LOL

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