Monday, 11 February 2013

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Warhammer 40K: Commissar - Andy Hoare

Release Date: 17/01/13


Deployed to the prison planet of Furia Penitens to quell a violent uprising, the 77th Vostroyan Firstborn regiment of the Imperial Guard find themselves in a precarious position. The rebels are in a fortified prison-hive, all but impenetrable. A disgrace suffered by their forebears haunts them. And they hate their new commissar... Can Commissar Flint bring them victory and restore their reputation, or will the 77th fail again?


The guardians of faith for the Imperial Guard bring a new hero to the fore in Commissar Flint as he seeks to save an imperilled world from its own stupidity as familial ties conflict against the edicts of the God-Emperor. It’s definitely something pretty hard core and if you love a story of troops on the ground slogging their way through dirt, blood, guts and other body parts facing huge odds whilst seeking their own redemption then this is the book for you.

Andy really brings the grunt work to the fore in this outing and with a Commissar like Flint, its definitely a hero I’m more than prepared to follow who believes in getting stuck in amongst the troopers regarded as Cannon Fodder by their superiors. Add to this cracking battle sequences, some wonderful turns of phrase, solid politicking and mix it all up with a real kick ass story and you’ll be gasping for more. Add to the mix some additional characters who you feel will help make up Flint’s personal dirty dozen which blended with a touch of Sharpe and all round you’ll; be in heaven. Great stuff.

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